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The Dorset Master Thatcher Association

Mike Howes is a full member and current Secretary of the DMTA.

After the first and second world wars the rural industry bureau recognised that thatching was in jeopardy as many of our best craftsmen had been lost. As a result, in 1947 the DMTA was founded to ensure a high standard in the craft and that the training of young thatchers was maintained.

Currently the DMTA has become a strong organisation, all of it’s members upon joining are vetted and are required to have two examples of their work examined by two existing members, this is to ensure that all member’s work is of the highest quality craftsmanship.

All Members of the Dorset Master Thatchers Association (DMTA) have passed a quality assessment to ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standard of craftsmanship.

Types of work undertaken by our members include the following:

• Re-thatching in Wheat Straw and Water Reed
• Re-ridges
• Advice on new buildings
• Patching and repairs

Visit the Dorset Master Thatchers Association for more details.


Mike Howes, Dorset Master Thatcher

6 Blagdon View
Winterborne Sleepton
Dorset, DT2 9LL

M. 07780 704 419