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We offer a comprehensive range of thatching services, from a full re-thatch to minor repairs.

Full re-thatch or re-thatch over existing coats
Re-thatching over existing coats will usually require stripping up to two coats to prevent excessive weight being placed on the roof and to gain an even finish.

Re-ridging at the right time can prolong the life of your entire roof. All types of finishes can be produced, from turn-over or butt-up to flush or ornamental, in both modern and traditional styles.

Patching and repairing
Having a section of roof that has a leak does not always require an entire re-thatch. Where appropriate patching can repair the damaged section and form a water tight seal.

Roof repairs
Inside your loft space you may notice thatch hanging down or a damaged rafter. Many structural repairs can be done from the inside or repaired externally in sections to avoid a roof re-build.


Mike Howes, Dorset Master Thatcher

6 Blagdon View
Winterborne Sleepton
Dorset, DT2 9LL

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